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Our Story

In early 1988, Iskandar Waworuntu one of the owners of Café Batujimbar who lived in the village Pupuan, Tabanan start a business pioneer of organic vegetable farm. At the moment organic vegetable does not have market as it is today. In here organic vegetable developed using fertilizer made from recycling leaves and do not use chemicals. In mid-1991, the farm that was developed has successfully and all proceeds from the garden can begin to be marketed. And finally Iskandar Waworuntu along with Dewi Waworuntu (Sister in-law) and Sri Lestari decide open restaurant who sell their farm product…………….

Our Menu


Breakfast – Lunch & Dinner – Kid’s Menu

Lontong Complete

Slow cooked rice cake and Indonesian side dishes

Balinese Rijtaffel

Assorted Balinese side dishes served with steam rice for 2 person

Batujimbar Garden Salad

Assorted lettuce, beetroot, sweet corn, string beans, carrot, asparagus, eggplant and raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Our Menu


Juice – Smoothies – Coffee – Wine


Pear, Pineapple and Tangerine

BJ Most Wanted

Tangerine and Rambutan (Seasonal)

Batujimbar Crusher

Watermelon, Apple, Strawberry, Mint and Tangerine

Our Menu


Cake – Dessert – Gelato

Chocolate Mouse Cake

Fruit Crepe

Fresh tropical fruit compote in home made crepes with vanilla ice cream

Apple Pie



every Saturday
from 07.00pm


every Sunday
from 09.00am

Where's Sanur Living Room ?

Jl. Danau Tamblingan No 75 A
Sanur – Bali – Indoensia

Sanur Living Room Opening Hours

07.00 am –

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