Jimbaran Living's Room


Fruit Salad

mix seasonal fruit

Egg Benedic

poach eggs with bacon and hollandaise sauce on English muffin

Vegetable Egg Benedic

poach eggs with bacon and hollandaise sauce on English muffin

Big Breakfast

eggs, sausages, hash brown, homemade bake beans, spinach mushroom, grilled tomato, bacon, toast. Include black coffee, fresh juice or fruit salad.


Perkedel Jagung

sweet corn fritters served with spicy peanut sauce dip

Tempe Mendoan

fried tempe coated in rice flour served with roasted garlic and chilli sweet soya sauce

Tahu Telor

tofu omellete with bean sprout, chop cabbge served with peanut sauce


soft tortilla with melted cheddar cheese and chives served with guacamole


corn tortilla chips, red beans, jalapeño drizzle, melted cheddar cheese with salsa & guacamole sour cream on top

Batujimbar Garden Salad

assorted lettuce, beetroot, sweet corn, string beans, carrot, asparagus, eggplant and raspberry vinaigrette dressing

Greek Salad

with feta cheese and kalamata olives

Avocado Chicken Salad

with lemon mustard dressing

Nicoise Salad

with seared tuna in seeded mustard or lime dressing

Caesar Salad

romaine lettuce, beef bacon, cashew nut and shaving parmesan with grilled chicken



- fresh tomato basil
- bolognes sauce
- carbonara sauce


Noodle Soup

with chicken or vegetable

Tuna Wrap

grilled fresh tuna chunk and wild rucolla served with french fries

Nasi Goreng Kampung

Javanese spice traditional fried rice with chicken or beef or kambing

Lontong Sayur

slow cooked rice cakes, egg and light vegetable curry (sayur lodeh)

Lontong Complete

slow cooked rice cakes and Indonesian side dishes

Nasi Uduk

rice cooked in fresh coconut milk served with sliced omelette, emping crackers and fried chicken or fried beef

Soto Ayam Kampung

slice free-range chicken, glass noodle, bean sprout, egg in light Javanese curry soup served with steamed rice and prawn crackers

Sate Ayam

chicken skewers with peanut sauce served with rice cake or steamed rice

Ayam or Snapper Rica-rica

grilled chicken or snapper fillet in Manadonese spicy sauce served with rice and vegetables

Nasi Campur Special

steamed rice with assorted Indonesian side dishes

Thai Green Chicken Curry

chicken and eggplants curry, served with steamed rice


vegetables or beef in soft tortilla with red beans, cheese served with tomato salsa

Ikan Woku Belanga

snapper fillet in Manadonese spicy sauce served with rice and sautéed vegetables

Fish Curry

white snapper and vegetable curry served with steamed rice


Vegetable Sandwich

grill vegetable and feta cheese on brown bread

BJ Club Sandwich

grilled chicken, beef bacon, avocado, tomato and cheddar cheese on brown bread

Tuna Sandwich

fresh tuna chunk, tomato, cheese, onion, lettuce on hot dog buns

Tuna Avocado Toasty

tuna, cheese and avocado toasted on brown toast

Where's Jimbaran Living Room ?

Jl. Uluwatu II
Jimbaran – Bali – Indoensia
at Keramik Jenggala

Jimbaran Living Room Opening Hours

09.00 am – 06.00 pm

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