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In early 1988, Iskandar Waworuntu one of the owners of Café Batujimbar who lived in the village Pupuan, Tabanan start a business pioneer of organic vegetable farm. At the moment organic vegetable does not have market as it is today. In here organic vegetable developed using fertilizer made from recycling leaves and do not use chemicals. In mid-1991, the farm that was developed has successfully and all proceeds from the garden can begin to be marketed. And finally Iskandar Waworuntu along with Ade Waworuntu (Sister) and Dewi Waworuntu (Sister in-law) decide open restaurant who sell their farm product.

Exactly on September 14, 1991, Café Batujimbar was opened with the concept of restaurant. At the beginning Café Batujimbar located at Jl. Danau Tamblingan no 152 Sanur – Bali, with capacity 20 table and can hold 120 person. Café Batujimbar be a enjoyable place to meet with friends, business associates or family. Atmosphere at Cafe Batujimbar made as comfortable as possible so that the customer is feel at home. After a while Café Batujimbar that used to only sell organic vegetables, vegetables with a simple dressing (salad), Cafe Batujimbar start selling food with simple spices and still maintain concept of healthy eating as before.

In 2006 Café Batujimbar moved location on Jl. Danau Tamblingan No. 75 A Sanur Bali. Interesting architecture that was designed by Mr. Hank Foss a friend of Mr. Wia Waworuntu (Father), Café Batujimbar come to be one destination place to meet and eating in Sanur. And one of the icons Cafe Batujimbar is a lamp design that was designed by Ms. Anna’s sister in law Mr. Hank Foss. Until now Café Batu Jimbar not only serves food from Indonesia but also from Europe and Asia.

Now at this time Cafe Batujimbar has opened a second outlet in Jenggala Ceramics Uluwatu, precisely on Jl. Uluwatu II. In April 2018. With a capacity of approximately 60 people.

Cafe Batujimbar Sanur

Jl. Danau Tamblingan no 75 A
Sanur – Denpasar – Bali
(+62) 361 284 103
(+62) 361 287 374

Cafe Batujimbar Jimbaran

Jl. Uluwatu II @Jenggala Keramik Uluwatu
Jimbaran – Badung – Bali
(+62) 361 704 640


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